Guided Healing

If it isn't life giving, it isn't worth doing.

Eliminate Physical and Emotional Pain Completely

Defeat Anxiety, Depression and Panic Attacks 

You can receive treatments from the comfort of your own home using only a computer or telephone if you choose.  In person sessions are also available periodically.

Pain can be eliminated through the use of energy healing modalities.  These modalities complement conventional medicine.  We do not recommend replacing conventional medicine with alternative methods without first consulting your doctor.  Thousands of people have found great relief from the modalities you'll find on this site.

Regression Hypnotherapy will assist you to eliminate aches, pains, fears, phobias and bad habits you are trying to cope with in your daily life.  You can also defeat debilitating conditions such as anxiety, depression and panic attacks.  Tap into past talents and spice up your love life.

You will access memories from a prior time in your current life and from past lives.  Once your conscious mind accesses the memories from your sub-conscious mind the concern will no longer plague you because you now understand where the issue began and through hypnosis you are able to let it go.  You do not need to believe in past lives for hypnotherapy to work.  When the concern is addressed and no longer an issue, the belief system does not matter.

Guided Healing Regression Hypnotherapy Sessions are typically 2 hours and address 2 to 4 concerns depending on the client.  Learn more about this modality and book a session by clicking here.

Energy healing is a natural healing modality that assists with relaxation and healing by moving energy through the body eliminating blockages.

It relieves aches, pain, stress and anxiety while improving sleep and overall well-being. 

People undergoing cancer treatment find this type of energy work highly beneficial.  It tends to relax the person enough that they can rest for several hours.  People receiving chemo find they do not suffer from the negative effects as much if they receive a treatment session while undergoing chemo.

Guided Healing Energy Healing Sessions are typically 20 to 30 minutes.  Learn more about this modality and book a session by clicking here.

All questions can be answered through Shamanic Divination.  Shamanic cultures use divination to determine the answers to an infinite number of questions such as how to prevent illness or achieve wellness to how to live a life of love and compassion for all living beings.

Guided Healing will work with you to clearly define your question before the divination session.  Who, what, when, where, why and how questions all fine; those that required a "yes" or "no" answer can be somewhat more difficult. This is because the other-world or the web of energy we will be working with does not operate in the same way we are familiar with.  Polarities such as yes/no, light/dark, and right/wrong are human constructs to which a non-judgmental universe does not conform.

Guided Healing Shamanic Divination Sessions are typically 2 hours however approximately 1 hour will be spent with the client.  Learn more about this modality and book a session by clicking here.

Reiki is a Japanese spiritual healing modality.

It is a subtle and effective form of energy work using spiritually guided life force energy.

When our energy becomes blocked or weak it can potentially lead to physical or emotional imbalance.

Ease stress and help your body to facilitate an environment for healing physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Sessions that include healing crystals amplify the healing effects.

Guided Healing Reiki Sessions are typically 60 minutes.  Learn more about this modality and book a session by clicking here.